What is SMART Rail Safety Education All About?

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About Us

SMART Community Outreach & Education has worked with the leading national rail safety education organization California Operation Lifesaver since construction began in early 2012. Today, SMART has several staff members that are Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteers and bring free rail safety presentations to schools, organizations, and communities in the two-county SMART District of Sonoma and Marin counties in the North Bay of California.

Presenters use Design Thinking principles to encourage creative problem solving regarding what it means to build a rail safe community. Presentations begin with a short overview of the SMART project followed by a video and rail safety discussion that cover topics such as: What is the SMART Train? Where and when can I ride it? What do I need to know about crossing railroad tracks safely? What does the white “X” mean? Are trains bigger, faster and quieter than I think? etc.

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Who has SMART presented to?

Zoom in and out to see where SMART has held rail safety presentations over the last three years. Each icon represents a different group type. See instructions below map regarding navigation.

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What presentation style is right for your group?

Although rail safety education is the main component of this outreach, each presentation does begin with an overview and the current status of the SMART Train project.
Click here to download a .pdf of the presentation types below to share with a friend or colleague

K – 2

30 min presentation
includes 11 min video: Sly Fox & Birdie

Short presentation while allowing for students to share personal experiences, reactions and thoughts to presentation.

3 – 5

30 min presentation
includes 11 min video: Sly Fox & Birdie

Design thinking type presentation where the inquiry of the students following a short overview and video leads the presenter to different topics of import.


45 min presentation
includes 11:30 min video: Are You in Control?

More time for Q & A, focus on consequences of being on railroad property and importance of being a leader.


1 hour presentation
includes 10 min video: Utah Transit Authority Rail Safety or Amtrak: Cheating Death

Even more time for Q & A, focus on consequences of being on railroad property and importance of being a leader.


Varies depending on time available
includes 1:30 min video: Mark Kalina Story

The SMART project and what it can offer you as a student at a regional serving college. Consequences of trespassing and illegal activity around trains.

Parents (English & Spanish Speaking)

English – Varies depending on time available
Includes 10 min video Be Safe, Always Expect a Train – English

How to build rail safe communities and talk to your kids about rail safety.

Spanish – 1 hour
Includes 10 min video Be Safe, Always Expect a Train – Spanish

Presentations utilize available translators (School Community Liaison or similar) and if available, Spanish speaking Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer. Allowing more time for these presentations is important since translation doubles the presentation and Q & A time.

Driver’s Ed Classes/Professional Drivers

1 hour presentation
Includes 10 min video Amtrak: Cheating Death & Utah Transit Authority Rail Safety/Railroad Crossing for Professional Drivers/Decide SMART Arrive Safe

Where to cross, why to cross there, when to cross, what signs and signals to expect as you approach a railroad crossing, what can happen if you cross anywhere that isn’t designated and therefore illegal.

Public Service/Safety

Varies depending on time available
See Tracks Think Train Campaign Video – Emergency Vehicle Railroad Crossing

How to build rail safe communities for public leaders and safety professionals. What is it important for your staff, neighbors, members to know about railroad safety?


30 min presentation
Includes 10 min video See Tracks Think Train Campaign video

When, where, why and how to cross the railroad tracks safely and legally. Dangers and illegality of being on railroad property unless crossing at a legal crossing. Trains and bigger, faster and quieter than you think.

SMART Rail Safety Presentations Out and About