• Platform Safety

    Please stay behind the yellow strip on the platform before boarding and after exiting the train.

  • Always be alert and aware

    Obey all railroad signals and signage

  • Never walk on the tracks

    It’s both illegal and dangerous

Be Track SMART

Your safety is our top priority.

Think safety first. Please be alert and aware near all tracks and trains, and at station platforms.

Rail safety is for everyone: pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists. We all have a role to play in encouraging safe behavior near all trains and tracks.

Browse this website for railroad safety information and resources. SMART also provides free rail safety presentations for schools and community groups.

To learn more or to request a presentation, click here.

Check out our Safety Fact Sheet.

Para la hoja de datos de seguridad, haga clic aquí.

Motorist Safety Tips

• Never stop your car on the railroad tracks.
• Approach all crossings carefully, and be prepared to stop behind the crossing gates when the crossing signals are activated.
• Flashing lights and bells at crossings will activate before the gate arm comes down to give motorists enough time to safely pass through the intersection.
• Never cross the tracks until you are sure you can drive across the tracks safely.
• Never try to beat a train through a railroad crossing.

Platform Safety Tips

• Always be alert and aware when on station platforms.
• Stay behind the yellow strip on the platform before boarding and after exiting the train.
• If you have young children, hold their hands when boarding and exiting the train.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

• Never walk on the railroad tracks. Walking on railroad tracks is illegal and dangerous.
• Only cross the tracks at designated railroad crossings. Always wait for the bells and lights to stop, and the gate to rise before crossing the tracks.
• Stay alert: Don’t be distracted by cell phones or headphones.

Bicyclist Safety Tips

• Crossing railroad tracks on a bicycle requires extra caution and attention.
• Bicycle wheels can get caught between the rail and roadway: Cross at a 90-degree angle. If that is not possible, walk, don’t ride, across the tracks.
• Designated railroad crossings are the only safe and legal place to cross the tracks.

Think Safety First

Always be alert and aware near all railroad crossings, trains, and at station platforms. Distractions are dangerous.  Never stop your car on the tracks at a railroad crossing and never walk on or along the tracks.

Test Your Railroad Safety Knowledge


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