• Always be alert and aware

    Obey all railroad signals and signage

  • Never walk on the tracks

    It’s both illegal and dangerous

Be Track SMART

Safety is our top priority at SMART.

Please be careful and alert at all railroad crossings. Always expect a train, drivers must never stop on the tracks, and never walk on the tracks.

SMART provides free rail safety presentations for schools and community groups, sign up here.

You can also download our Safety Fact Sheet.

For information in Spanish, please click here.

Railroad Safety Quick Tips

Drivers – At Crossings

    • Never stop your car on the railroad tracks. When you see the crossing signals activated, be sure to stop 15 feet back, at the white line. Wait until the crossing gates have raise and the lights have stopped flashing before you proceed. Never cross the tracks until you are sure your entire vehicle will be able to get across the tracks safely.
    • Never race a train to the other side of the tracks.

Driver Emergency

    • If you find yourself on the tracks as a result of being trapped by traffic and the warning gates are activated by an oncoming train, drive through the gates as they are designed to be driven through in an emergency.
    • If your car gets stalled on the tracks, get out, help any children out, run away from your car at an angle toward the direction of the train and call 9-1-1.


  • Crossing railroad tracks on a bicycle requires extra caution and attention.
  • Bicycle wheels can get caught between the rails; always cross at a 90-degree angle and if possible, walk – don’t ride across tracks.
  • Designated railroad crossings are the only safe and legal place to cross the tracks.
  • It’s never safe or legal to bike on a railroad right-of-way.


  • Rail safety is for everyone, not just drivers.
  • Railroad property is private property and walking on railroad tracks is not only unsafe, it is trespassing.
  • Remember: Only cross at a railroad crossing sign and wait for the bells and lights to stop, and the gate to rise before crossing the tracks.


The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District (SMART) is a voter-approved passenger rail and bicycle-pedestrian pathway project located in Marin and Sonoma counties. It will serve a 70-mile corridor from Larkspur to Cloverdale with a first phase from San Rafael to Santa Rosa. Visit us at www.sonomamarintrain.org